About JKMI

The Lord gave the Word; Great was the company of those
who proclaimed it.   —Psalm 68:11

Joseph Kack Ministries International (JKMI) is a Christian ministry composed of many partners and friends who have a desire to pass on the good things that we have freely received in Christ Jesus. Our desire is to contribute to the building up of the body of Christ so that believers everywhere can take their place in the earth to be everything that God has ordained them to be.

One of the greatest blessings we have received is “understanding” from the Word of God. Understanding something brings simplicity! No matter how sincere one’s efforts may be to relate to God and receive from Him, without proper bible knowledge, it is not possible to do so. Thinking and believing in a way that agrees with the Bible enables all men everywhere to connect with God.

We often pursue knowledge and education in many other fields. Why would we not go beyond mere “religion” and pursue accurate knowledge in relating to the One who created us? This is our inspiration in developing this website.

About Joseph Kack

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “ plans to prosper you
and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”    —Jeremiah 29:11

The verse that changed my life! After graduating from Purdue University, USA, and while working in the pharmaceutical industry, the reality of this verse struck me.

“God has a plan for me?! That means there is something specific that He has created me to do. If that’s true, then why am I continuing on with my own plan without giving any consideration for what He has planned for me? If I am smart, then I should take time to find out what that plan is!”

It was this revelation that set me on a quest to discover the plan of God for my life and to fulfill His purpose. In the process, I have found myself doing things that I never had any idea that I would do— things that were never part of my own plan but were clearly part of His plan. These things include the following:

Leaving my pharmaceutical position to go back to school for bible training
Relocating overseas
Helping in international bible schools
Conducting seminars and training for leaders around the world
Establishing a Ministry Training Center (School of the Harvest)
Establishing a Church in Manila, Philippines (World Prayer Center)
Writing books and training materials to build up Christian believers

In the process, The Lord has faithfully given His Word on many different occasions, bringing understanding, joy, strength, and simplicity to those who have heard. Many of these inspired messages have been recorded, books have been written, and now it is our delight to pass on what we have freely received to you! Join us as part of the “company” who proclaim the Word that the Lord has given.

God has not ordained “trouble” to be the teacher and builder of the church. He has given apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers for the equipping and building of the saints! (See Eph 4:11) The understanding and truths that are made available on this site have been of great value and help to us, and we pray that they will do the same for you!

— Joseph Kack

Joseph Kack, the overseer of JKMI, currently resides in Manila, Philippines, where he is surrounded by a wonderful leadership team that is of great help in various aspects of service to the Body of Christ internationally. To contact Joe or to inquire about his speaking availability, please send an email HERE.