Take Advantage of Your Advantage

(Maximizing the Holy Spirit’s Helping Ministry through PRAYING IN TONGUES)

As born-again children of God, we were never designed to live life simply “doing the best that we can.” We have something better than that. We have an ADVANTAGE! The reality of the Holy Spirit in our lives gives us an advantage when facing any situation that life brings our way. We can tap into God and all of the things that He knows that we don’t know through His Spirit!

The ministry of the Holy Spirit may not be new to many of us. But are we really taking full advantage of the advantage we have received? Wouldn’t it be a waste to go through life depending on our own reasoning, ideas, and intellect when all the while the Holy Spirit is on standby, ready to HELP us with everything?

This book has been written to help you more fully tap into God and all that He has prepared for you through praying in tongues.