You Shall Increase

You are blessed with a blessing that KNOWS NO LIMITS!

God has a good plan for your life…and that plan is a plan of INCREASE! From the very beginning, God revealed and established His will for all mankind when He said, “Be fruitful, and multiply….” God’s Word teaches that His plan stands forever—to all generations!

In this book you will discover that, as a child of God, you have a Covenant right to increase and abundance. Through Jesus Christ, you are free from the curse of poverty and lack. Now “the Blessing of Abraham” is upon your life and you are empowered by God to prosper.

But beyond your right to wealth is an even greater responsibility to increase. The increase and prosperity that God has ordained for you is not just about you and your family. It’s for you to go and be a blessing to all the families of the earth.

So receive God’s word and take your place… for